Svirzh Castle: Genesis

not all stories of the old castle

20/10/2018 — 25/11/2018

Scientists, preparing historical exhibitions, pay great attention to details, inscribing them in a long historical context. To reveal in details in one project the history of the Svirzh Сastle (more than five centuries of its life!) — that is the task of a long-term perspective.

The concept of the proposed exhibition is aimed to tell the stories that we thought were significant, extremely important and especially sensual. Hundreds of people created the castle and bound their destinies with it. All of them are most remembered by the walls, but some names and stories have left their mark on the yellowed sheets of historical archives. They will be the heroes of the exhibition “Svirzh Castle: Genesis”.

The exhibition’s curator, researcher Nataliia Matlashenko, while working in Lviv archives, have found new facts from the history of the castle and for the first time presents them to the project. Artistic construction of the exhibition would be impossible without Volodymyr Kostyrko, who diversifies historical facts, creating integral images in time diversity, and the project would not have taken place without the generator of ideas and visions Pavlo Gudimov. The narratives offered in the existing space of intact castle only open the door in the depth of the past. This exhibition solution will be the next page of the castle transformation, the first in the XXI century. The exhibition “Svirzh Castle: Genesis” was carried out within the framework of the project of the same name to develop the concept of revitalization and adaptation of Svirzh Сastle. The project itself was distinguished by the Ukrainian Cultural Fund, which provided financial support for its implementation. And the aim is the process of recovery and activation of the castle complex and the space around it. The fundamental of the future plan is the development of the monuments of architecture and the park by creating a powerful art and tourism institution, the strategic mission of which will be to offer a range of modern cultural and recreational services in one facility.

Exhibition schedule

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from October 20 to November 25 from 11.00 to 17.00.

An overview of the exhibition is possible only with the excursion guide.

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Hosted by:

The national association of architects of Ukraine, Pavlo Gudimov “Ya Gallery” Art Center

Curator: Nataliia Matlashenko

Curatorial team: Pavlo Gudimov, Volodymyr Kostyrko, Anastasiia Kamaldinova, Svitlana Tymkiv

Texts: Nataliia Matlashenko, Anastasiia Kamaldinova, Svitlana Tymkiv

Artist: Volodymyr Kostyrko

Editors: Polina Baytsym, Iryna Troskot

Photographers: Oleksandr Prymak, Roman Shyshak, Rimma Koloda

Camera operator, film editor: Rimma Koloda

Management: Anastasiia Kamaldinova, Svitlana Tymkiv

Administration: Anastasiia Kamaldinova, Svitlana Tymkiv, Yurii Horpynych, Olena Khazova

Translation: Orest Zayats

Also worked on the project:

Volodymyr Mandziak, Edas Tulin

Book partner of the project is the Ukrainian Visual Book platform

We express our gratitude for active participation in the preparation of the exhibition to:

Henadiy Zubko, Liudmyla Zubko, Yevhen Sobolevskyi, Bohdan Hoy, Andriy Bilous, Andriy Kurochka, Ivan Serniak, Svirzh village council, Peremyshliany district council, Peremyshliany district administration. 

With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund


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