Eco-picnic Harbuzamok

13 October 2018
Eco-picnic Harbuzamok — the first event of a series of events planned within the framework of the project “Svirzh Castle. Genesis. The elaboration of the concept of revitalization and adaptation of the castle”.

The purpose of the event is the beginning of the tradition of eco-picnics in Svirzh Castle. After all, eco is a way of life! Each of us is responsible for the preservation of the environment. Therefore, we suggest to spread the eco-consciousness through our own eco-behaviour. We are for the harmonious coexistence of man with nature.

Hosted by: the National union of architects of Ukraine together with the Cultural Center “Svirzh Castle”.

Special guests: the historian Nataliia Matlashenko, the corporate chef of the company “Horikhovyi Dim (Walnut House)” Paul van der Hoeven, the ecologist Ostap Reshetylo.


  • 12:30–16:00 — championship in solving puzzles by Anatolii Vasylenko;
  • 12:30–15:00 — master class on watercolor drawing from Grausten Art School; 
  • 12:30–15:00 — master class on the production of straw toys from the studio

“Vukhata sova (Eared owl)”;

  • 13:00–13:45 —  eco-walk in the park with the ecologist Ostap Reshetylo; 
  • 14:00 — the author’s excursion in a castle with the historian Nataliіa Matlashenko;
  • 15:00 — master class on French cuisine with the corporate chef Paul van der Hoeven; 
  • 15:00–16:00 — eco-quest for children “Treasures of the autumn park”;
  • 17:00 — departure. 

Conditions of participation:

  • Yes to the mats!
  • Yes to tasty food!
  • Yes to reusable or paper tableware!
  • Yes to environmental care and cleaning up after yourself!
  • Yes to pets!
  • Yes to good mood!
  • No plastic!
  • No alcohol drinks!
  • No bonfires and “kebab”!



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