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Svitlana Tymkiv.

In the process of our talks, the voice of the architect expressed the increasing regret as to the unfinished reconstruction. And although, the works of Yevhen Sobolevskyi included such grand projects as the Lviv Opera House or the Grand-Hotel, he received numerous awards and acknowledgments, the unfinished projects bother him the most. 

Everything started as far back as in 1977 from the contest project, which the young team from the Institute Ukrzakhidproektrestavratsiya presented at the all-union contest announced by the Union of the Architects. In the mid-1970-s the Union members decided to conduct the castle reconstruction in order to adopt it for the Art center. The artists-intellectuals who came to such institutions (and they were quite numerous among other representatives of the free professions – artists, journalists, cinematographers in contrast to the architects) received an appropriate level of comfort and legitimized right to the birth of the new ideas. These, according to Inna Mocharnyk, were the centers of the Soviet Bohemia. Although, the tradition of inviting the artists to the country houses has been known from the verge of centuries, during the Soviet times it acquired a new coloring. It was about the officially acknowledged and close circle of the privileged people with the permitted level of freedom. It was the status of the profession that allowed to get the permit to visit the country Art center. Today the memories of the well-known persons are recorded and the results of that artistic corporate subculture are summarized.  But only the Art center of the architects’ has not survived till its opening.  

In 1970-s such center functioned in Baltic States, and Yevhen Zigmundovych recalls how he and his wife visited it during their business trip.  According to the memories of the architect, that center was ancient but the atmosphere was really impressive.

Provided by Yevhen Sobolevsky

Realizing the most up-to-date solutions, the duplex suites and creative workshops appeared on the paper one by one, as well as the restaurant, club, library and the gym, the alleys paved around the lake, and the tennis courts – everything that could inspire and facilitate the creative work.  The project presupposed laying the sewage system with the treating facilities, which could provide for the needs of the castle and the village, separate boiler house with the heat pipeline and power plant.  The lakes were purified and the lighting of the park territory was conducted, which, though, was switched on only once. 

The engineering solutions of Sobolevskyi’s team have ensured the strength of the constructive elements till now. This is the strengthening of the foundations and load-bearing structures, the roofing and water disposal system. According to the engineers’ assessment, some minor interventions are needed in order to reconstruct this architectural monument. 

The new time will define the new usage of premises, which, in due times, were the defensive walls, the palace halls and the office of the communal farm. And it would be very desirable that the architect of the castle who dedicated more than 10 years to its reconstruction saw the life and development within its walls.

Yevhen Zygmundovych Sobolevskyi

Born on 10 April 1943 in Belomorsk, Arkhangelsk Region (Russia)

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Lviv Polytechnic Institute in 1970.

Member of the Union of the Architects of Ukraine.

Holder of the Award of the Council of Ministers of USSR (1986)

Since 1999 – Honored Architect of Ukraine, since 2007 – the Honored Restorer of Ukraine.

Chaired the Architecture and Reconstruction Workshop, which dealt with the following objects:

The Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet

V. Stefanyk State Scholarly Library

Museum of Natural History

The House of Scientists

The House of Architect

The house of the Lviv Region Organization of Ukrainian Association for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments

Lviv Town Hall

The house of Region State Administration


Sofia Grand-Club

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Potocki Palace

Svirzh Castle

At most, of the mentioned objects Yevhen Zygmundovych was the author and the chief architect of the projects of restoration, reconstruction and adaptation. 


Svirzh Castle

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